NTG Yönetim Danışmanlığı ve Eğitim Merkezi


NTG offers a wide range of training programmes as well as developing client specific courses to meet targeted needs.

The courses are created to suit the client’s specific requirements, ranging from public courses at NTG training
venues, to on-site and workplace-based courses, depending on the industry and individual needs.

NTG’s range of training programmes includes:

  1. ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Awareness

  2. Safe Cargo Handling

  3. Rigging and Lifting Equipment Inspection

  4. Rigging and Lifting Operation

  5. Health and Safety Management Committee Building

  6. Accident Reporting and Investigation

  7. Behaviour Based Safety Training

  8. Health and Safety for Managers and Directors

  9. Workplace Accidents and Occupational Diseases Basic Training

  10. Fire Prevention and Control

  11. Emergency Preparedness and Response

  12. Human Factors in Workplace Health and Safety

  13. Hazardous Materials

  14. Process Management and Improvement

  15. Risk Analysis in Occupational Health and Safety

  16. Legislation in Occupational Health and Safety

  17. Technics in Occupational Health and Safety

  18. Problem Solving Techniques

  19. Team Building and Leadership

  20. Meeting and Time Management

  21. Effective Presentation Techniques

  22. Train the Trainer

  23. ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Internal Audit Training